Workout Log 30 Aug 2012: Ko Samui Day 7 (last)

20 min stair master thing first thing followed by my last breakfast, for now, at Kamalaya, check out and yet another special touch: the general manager bid me farewell.

A year ago, owing to my rude good health, I wasn’t posh I was budget hotels with exceedingly cynical night clerks opposite the Gare du Nord, that most assuredly did not send your room a letter specifying times to get to your airport car…if you’re lucky in the arondissement of the Gare the proletariat will adopt you as one of their own, and say, heah come de homeboy (voici le Garcon de la Maison). The Senegalese are especially charming but the Italian pizza guy isn’t, and he hates the Gitane who breast-feeds in front of his joint.

But at this point a posh hotel, if it’s affordable (and the Kamalaya was for me at USD $1369.00 USD [sic!] for the week), is just what the doctor ordered, or he’d better you ask me. My blood pressure is 115 over 54. I dropped one pound which I did not wish to drop since I am ten pounds underweight but there was no dramatic weight loss with the mostly vegetarian cuisine as there was when I tried to cook vegetarian last June.

Note that the Kamalaya is not at all child friendly and the mothers that I met left their children locked in a closet or something…ha ha…seriously, even as I took responsibility for my kids when my wife went on a retreat, ex-husbands have their uses.

I also have the usual problem of the single male who looks attractive (and I flatter myself that for now I do, but all is vanity). This is that he’s assumed to be a rogue. Now I am no better than the next man, but if I am a rogue, I am preoccupied at this time with my literary and artistic outlets and my diagnosis which means that skirt-chasing is rather low on the agenda. It’s a bullet point, it is there, but I also need a quiet life.

But there were several unaccompanied males at Kamalaya with a ratio favorable to the rogue male. But the place seemed to be far to posh to be a den of iniquity. That would be in Lamai.

Indeed…movies like A Solitary Man make it seem that the elite is still transgressing and whoring out each others’ wives as it was for real in the 1970s, but I think this behavior is now restricted to conservative Republicans who aren’t closet queers these days. Certainly, whether in Princeton, Chicago or now Hong Kong, my “set” tends not to mess around. If a chap has a lady friend one simply doesn’t bother her for the English speaking community is small and getting smaller, and you don’t, as we say in Chicago, shit where you eat. And in Chicago my best friends all had really, really good marriages. I was the exception, perhaps (and perhaps time will tell).

Obama shows the way, for he’s sexy (if he went shirtless to the beach as Jack Kennedy did, paramedics would be needed for the women would swoon) yet faithful. Whereas the white males in this troubling clip, baying USA in hatred of a Republican speaker because she’s from Puerto Rico, obviously haven’t gotten laid for ten years or more.

But I digress…I recommend the Kamalaya very, very much.

One thing to watch for if you’re on a budget as I am is the distinction at the Kamalaya between free classes and events included in the cost, and mostly one on one special sessions such as my meditation session and foot massage.

Meals aren’t included, and you have to go into the fairly sleazy town of Lamai for food, there being no restaurants I am aware of in walking distance. Instead, you’re at the mercy of two very fine restaurants operated by the resort. I paid between 500 and 1000 Baht for breakfast and dinner each day. For lunch I dined off the complementary Mangosteens and croissants bought on a trip to Tesco, an evil superstore in sleaze town.

My Bangkok Samui Hospital Visit

Tuesday evening at dinner while chatting with my fellow guests I had a sudden “flash” pain on the surface of my right hip joint which lasted only a fraction of a second but was intense, the most intense pain of this nature I’d had.

I’d stopped all painkillers and had none, so I got with Kamalaya’s doctor who referred me to the Bangkok Samui hospital.

I was driven out, paying for the drive for my life is alacarte, and was given a rather comprehensive neurological exam by a neurologist. Apparently, drug laws in Thailand are very strict (the Bangkok Hilton is no joke, and mere possession of a scheduled substance can land you there, if you don’t have USD $20K) therefore the doctor needed to verify my need.

I brought all my Queen Mary data which he reviewed and subjected me to a systematic lower body test. The conclusion was well worth the small cost, for I’d wanted to know of my pain, how much is caused by a sciatic disk and how much by lymph node pressure in my midsection?

The doctor said that it is not characteristic of sciatic pain to radiate down the front of the thigh.

Now this means something interesting. I may be able to run again if there’s no evidence of increased spinal pressure in the form of running after, at first, impact aerobics, then five minutes of running, then twenty, etc. While intense massage with heat is contraindicated given that we do not want to spread the carcinoma further through my lymph nodes, running won’t dislodge anything.

It would be great to again move through space God willing.


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