Workout 3 September 2012

Again, the morning comes in a shower of raining and sunlight, “crying hither”. Twenty minutes weight training and freelance to Journey to the Line, Gould’s Sweelinck, Vangelis

Getting more aerobic as I sculpt the dance to Sweelinck out of the space that surrounds me. Will Kemp, Shakespeare’s friend, danced long distances to Praetorius and the movement that saves my ass is one with little impact: it is in fact Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.

“What’s this war in the heart of nature? Why does nature vie with itself? The land contend with the sea? Is there an avenging power in nature? Not one power, but two?”

– Pvt Witt, The Thin Red Line

“Agathe appeared to me and said to me in a sorrowful voice, ‘My Child (Meine Kinder): I always used to say to you that we shall meet after death. Today I don’t know.'”

– Theodore Adorno, Dream Note


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