Letter to the New Yorker

Edward G. Nilges
Hong Kong

Letters, New Yorker

In “Schmooze or Lose”, Jane Mayer, New Yorker, 27 Aug 2012, I find it astonishing that we should take Mayer’s childish and vulgar language seriously when we’re struggling with unpaid student loans, when we count ourselves fortunate to live in Asia because we can get health care here, and when our concern isn’t with taking a piss in front of a picture of Obama as it is for billionaires at least according to Ms Mayer.

“The fucking pictures”? “Taking a piss”?

Our concern is our mortality and our children’s future, as John Kennedy said so many years ago. If today our billionaires just want to take a piss in front of fucking pictures and feel no responsibility to the common good, it is time to conjure Tom Paine’s, Thomas Jefferson’s, Danton’s and Robespierre’s angry ghosts.

Enough, is enough.

Edward G. Nilges


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