Workout Log 5 Sep 2012

Up to the windmill at the top of the hill with weights first thing for a 1 hour workout. Started in the predawn.

I’ll tell you how the Sun rose – Emily Dickinson

Reached the pavilion at sunrise.

Prospect of Aberdeen from Lamma Island at Dawn 5 Sep 2012

Started a new job yesterday, teaching Kindergarten including English with stories songs and motion.

All Kindergarten is divided into three parts: K1, K2 and K3 and the littlest are K1. Many of them especially boys have separation anxiety and so set up a Howl when deposited at Kindergarten. You don’t wish to make this a general Clamour so you try to reassure the kid that his mother is not abandoning him forever and ever. My own kid explained his Mom’s absence as “Mama go woik” which implied that his Mother would return from work.

I tried some old standards that the children knew including Twinkle Little Star, and then sang for them the normally instrumental lead in for the Chinese national anthem (March of the Volunteers), which they immediately recognized for these children live in Shen-zen. As it happens, the instrumental beginning of March of the Volunteers can be set to the words “here we are in China-ah, eating black bananas, and it’s great”.

I then walked them carefully through Hunting Tigers Out in India and some other standards.

Risking dancing for the kids to demonstrate the motion.

At the cost of a long commute from Lamma Island to The City of Sadness this is a three day week that provides reasonable financial security until January like Wittgenstein’s job in Austria after Wittgenstein refused his share of the family’s money.

In the morning I take the earliest ferry at 6:20 and then the MTR red line and west rail, changing at Mei Foo to arrive at the school district one of public housing and many shops. In the evening, to save my bony ass from the hard seats of the West Rail I can take a 69 or 269 X bus to Sham Shui Po or Central. Here’s the view starting near Tuen Mun.

Americans, especially Chicagoans, may note the absence of used cars: junkers, beaters and the car by the side of the road on fire with some clueless bastard staring dully and wondering, now what. A car is a luxury here, and only a few Westerners, most of them in the City of Sadness, have garage space. Used cars are sent to Russia where the homeboys love used cars; the authorities here will not give most use cars any tags or license plates.

The school is operated by a charitable foundation that also operates funerary services that originated in the desire of overseas Chinese to have their bones repatriated after dying abroad, and some Pagan Temples. During an epidemic of bubonic Plague in the 1870s, dying Chinese gathered in the temples so working with the British, the educated and wealthy Chinese created hospitals for these unfortunates as part of Benevolence.


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