Workout Log 6 Sep 2012

Prospect of the Kennedy Town at Dawn 5 Sep 2012

Walk to and from HSY beach with weights, ten minutes swimming and water dancing on a slightly cooler day.

Nurse Yan at Queen Mary Hospital instructs me to take complex medication and administer myself an enema for next week’s surgery in which the physicians will attempt to verify that my cancer is indeed Prostate. Right, you swine, this will read well in the Morning Post, for in true socialized medicine we take responsibility for our health, we do not wait for some woman to give us an enema by God. I administered myself a Purge last June in which you drink massive amounts of Salts and sure enough, I could have fertilized the Parish as George III said hey hey what what.

I ain’t no rich guy like Mike Douglas’ persona in A Solitary Man with an ex-wife exactly dying to give up the Mets, her books, her piano and her view and take me back and I got a piano and a view. Mike and his Dad played normed scumbags like the mobster in Out of the Past: Holden and Mitchum were more my type: Holden was in Suzy Wong, Mitchum played the hard boiled yegg with integrity in Out of the Past.


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