Workout Log 14 Sep 2012: the Jelly Fish Speaks!

Prospect from Queen Mary Hospital 11 September 2012

Thirty minutes, as always, first thing: weight training to Journey to the Line, free dance to Glenn Gould’s Sweelinck, weights to Vangelis L’Enfant, freedance to Gabriel’s Oboe!

Beautiful fresh morning on the first ferry from Lamma to Central. I’ll tell you how the sun rose.

Forgot my bag o’ (legal) drugs and had to run back for them, race walked to the ferry so let us see if this causes extra leg pain, still trying to get back to running as it were the garden or something. Next step will be doing thirty minutes of the Badass Billy Blank workout that I was doing at the beginning of the year. But it shall also be important to hang in the water and do aerobic motion like a Portuguese Man of War or Jellyfish to assist in separating my bones.

A Jelly Fish
Said, it is my Wish
To remain boneless. I would really rather hate
To be a Vertebrate.


5 Responses to “Workout Log 14 Sep 2012: the Jelly Fish Speaks!”

  1. Hope you had no leg pain.

    Very thoughtful jellyfish you have.

  2. spinoza1111 Says:

    Thanks for asking, oh dude of dudes. Unfortunately I had to go to work in Shenzen and this meant a lot of walking on the gimpy leg, so I did have some at Lo Huo. But the remedy is at hand in the form of two days off from work, hoo ha.

    Although the Asian lifestyle (walk to public transit) is basically healthy, I could go right now for a car, a handicapped spot, a twenty foot walk to my office, a posture chair, said car home, and then a heated vibrating Barcalounger with a built in minibar. Throw in a full time masseuse and I’m good to go.

    Unfortunately this raises a philosophical question. If we cannot all have this, should any of us have it? It’s linked to the belief of some of my leftie non-American friends that wealthy people should not be permitted to pay for health care in excess of what everybody else gets.

    However, my butt hurts too much to resolve this philosophical question and it’s probably best resolved in a Barcalounger.

    Thanks again.

    • spinoza1111 Says:

      I did have some pain at Lo Huo, that is. “I got some at Lo Huo” sounds kinda nasty. Thanks again, over and out.

  3. Dai Verse Says:

    I like your Jelly Fish Poem. It reminds me of Ogden Nash – which is no bad thing in my book.

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