“Y la Luz En el Dolor”: Mr Paradoxicus’ Translation of One of My Poems

Edward G. Nilges, “Postcard from Garcia Lorca”, 2010

Silente,sala donde las flores son confusas al hilo,
como un compás barroco,ahora ya suspendido.
Donde los caballos al sol,galopan ya henchidos,
no había ya nada necesario que decir ni distinto.
Eramos tedio y esplendor,en un común destino,
y la luz en el dolor,inundó de colores dormidos.
El pez en su confín inevitable de inútil camino,
en una sinrazón perfecta,sea una visión o sonido.
Así,bien el filósofo supo en conocimiento preciso,
que la música no precisa de medios ni de olvidos.

Mr Paradoxicus 17 September 2012 on Youtube

The silence in the room where the flowers they did bloom
Like the pause in Handel after the slow part and before the fast part
Where the horses of the sun do start.
There was nothing we needed to say to the Other
We were become fraternal like a sister and her brother,
And the sun in pain did make the dappled stain
Upon the table, with the Fish
It was all as perfect as one could wish, less a vision than a sound
For Schopenhauer knew that as the world is round
Music is the high road to the heart.

Edward G. Nilges 14 Sep 2012

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