Workout Log 18 September 2012

Twenty minutes, as always, first thing: weight training to Journey to the Line, free dance to Glenn Gould’s Sweelinck. Did not do planned and longer workout owing to being woken up with new pain in gluteus last night, which sucks. I think the tumor is larger and causing pressure/referred pain.

Sigh, what are you going to do. It was a mistake to take the 69X bus into Mong Kong last night in hopes of finding the “water aerobics noodle”, a PVC tube that generates a lot of resistance in the water. I should have taken the 269 to Central. I might look tonight, at Toronto Sports in the Mong Kok Computer center.

In addition, dancing and cavorting for the Kindergarten children has unpredictable effects. One of my tasks is to teach motor skills and I naturally carry on to music to do this. Sometimes cavorting for the children causes pain, sometimes it is analgesic, in a completely unpredictable way.

The feedback from the principal as mediated by our Canadian teacher trainer is that I’m as usual great but need to simplify.

I have no assignments in the afternoon yet so I watch the teachers in action, speaking Chinese. I help out when a K1 student starts crying. Tried Lida Rose for the first time as performed by the Buffalo Bills in the 1960s musical The Music Man. Listen!

Don’t have to get up so early tomorrow, procedure at Queen Mary is at 1:00 PM. Taking antibiotics carefully as directed by Nurse Yan. Looking forward to a day off my ass when I don’t have to constantly be marching to and fro.


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