Workout Log 19 September 2012: In the Dream Highlands

Thirty minutes, first thing: weight training to Journey to the Line, free dance to Glenn Gould’s Sweelinck, weight training to l’Enfant, and free dance to Morricone’s soundtrack to the Mission.

“We’re onna mishun from Gahd” – The Blues Brothers

“I’d like to welcome all members of Illinois’ law enforcement community that have chosen to be with us tonight.”

Great pain (or is it big and not great?) last night. Woke me up and cut through the stilnox and dihydrocodeine monsters. Nothing for it but looking out the window at the forest which, I dreamed last May, is turned 45 degrees in space and time (raum undt zeit).

Dream: a friend operated a jitney cab service across the Highlands of Lamma Island. There are mountains in the middle but they are small and there are no roads whatsoever, instead, there are pathways accessible only to carts and downsized emergency vehicles in the real highlands and everywhere else. In the dream highlands the air is fresh.

But no pain this morning. Have to go in for cancer followup day and outpatient surgery to verify prostate origin.


2 Responses to “Workout Log 19 September 2012: In the Dream Highlands”

  1. I’d go for huge pain. Why not?

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