Workout Log 25 Sep 2012

2o minutes freedance without weights at hotel room first thing but pain later. Extraordinary high levels yesterday, tumor hardened and large, from Hong Kong to Chicago flight despite the fact that a very kind friend had paid to upgrade my ticket to Business class.

Will check in to Evanston Y tomorrow to use pool.

Business class worked very well on the incoming. Enough room on Cathay Pacific BC to lie down for a full “night’s” rest. But still had great pain which started during an argument between me, my friend, and the Cathay Pacific staff over whether I could be upgraded and continued that evening in Chicago.

Don’t absolutely need business class on the return flight. It will be nice to have. Not sure whether the upgrade included BC on return.

Chicago’s air seem fresh and its streets, empty, for now, the Near North side reflects the concerns and tastes not of the people I knew there, who are grand mothers and grandfathers, but of their children and grandchildren. Time has flown.

Numb weary exhausted and in search of Anodynes.


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