What Fresh Hell: a Note on a Genre

What fresh hell is this? – Dorothy Parker

A blog is a rough draft and as such violates the rule that one must always rewrite because when one’s a blogger who may die the trace is what’s important…knowing that the Other has seen the text, for as Levinas said, “the face of the Other is the face of God, withdrawn from the world”.

Imagine a universe in which editors said, never rewrite it takes away freshness, for each rewrite is a step away from reality. And there’s simply no rewrite in a medical diary in which by staying as close to the medical and emotional realities we hope to find a cure, palliative or otherwise.

At the end of the world, whether personal or general, there’s nothing but rough drafts, like the sheets of A4 printer paper that fluttered down from the burning towers.

After death there is no other. – Dylan Thomas, a Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child in London


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