Workout Log 4 Oct 2012

Once again I was to be crucified. A group of advisers assisted me. Thassilo von Winterfeldt asked me if I had ever been crucified before. He explained to me that crucifixion was most unpleasant. I should not fail to take exercise so as to increase my circulation and to prevent cramp and stiffness. While I was trying to explain to him that this was the very purpose of crucifixion, I awoke. – Theodore Adorno, Dream Note, 25 June 1957

No workout: exhausted from traveling to be at my son’e funeral. I just wanted to sleep and look out my window, and re-absorb the tranquility. It was an error in judgement for me to go and not pay instead the cost of the funeral, and my former wife should have discussed this beforehand. Instead I occasioned a dear friend a great expense.

In this connection, note that Cathay Pacific has the best coach seats in the business and while it was a bit more restful to travel business class on the outbound flight, the return flight was coach, yet by policy I received at no extra cost, three adjacent middle coach seats.

In business the seat folded flat to accommodate my 6’2″ frame: on the return coach flight, the three adjacent coach seats provided very nearly that length. I was able to sleep restfully for that reason coming and going. Cathay Pacific also has a great film library and while it was probably better that I slept than watched films, I did see “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”, charming enough but reductionistic: some of us may prefer Bach at the end of the world.


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