Je ne regrette rien, or, ask me if I care, Baby, and fix us a cuppa while yer at it

No regret and no sweat this is the deal
Do not allow idle speculation the moment to steal
The prospect of Lamma from outside Queen Mary
Going back and forth on a surviving ferry
The prospect of a Banyan tree or perhaps the prospect of Tea
Especially Tea that’s not made by me

For I am neither Englisn nor Chinese,
And while I might play the Piano or make women go weak in the knees,
I do not know how truly to “tea”
With that loose stuff for which you need an infuser
So as to get the precise balance of Tea and hot water,
As opposed to inferior tea in sachets,
Which Twining’s foists off on American Lahd-ehs,
In order to get back at the good old U S of A
For our good old “Tea” Partay
Therefore I am forever conspiring and plotting to be invited to tea,
And on my best behavior at such bun-fights I, me

But I digress:
The point is what’s best
For these days which are sometimes a haze
And I am still on the “day at a time” American plan
As opposed to a more extensive scheme…
For from a philosophical angle the ends and bounds of life are a tangle
Apt to generate head-scratchers from any old Angle.


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