Workout Log 7 October 2012

Prospect of Lamma Island 6 October 2012 with flags at half-staff to mourn the victims of the 1 October Lamma Island ferry collision. If you cannot see the flags, click the picture at the top of this blog for the multiple posting view

Struggled to climb stairs at Queen Mary Hospital for 20 minutes, two stories up, one down, hup ho. Considerable hip pain since return from United States.

Have learned that you don’t need an upgrade to business class to survive an international flight while ill, at least on Cathay Pacific. I did not have one on the return flight although I did have an upgrade on the incoming flight thanks to the generosity of a very dear friend. This is because Cathay Pacific gives one wheelchair assistance and three adjacent middle seats, and their coach seat is the best in the business.

As is their film library. Saw “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”, only reflected that spending the end of the world, or one’s own end, might be for some done in the company of a likewise doomed friend. Some of us, however, might prefer that the Other survive to tell the tale, and listen to Bach.

Will go to bed early and do a first thing walk with stairs tomorrow.

I was God-Walloped yesterday, for the first time, at Queen Mary Hospital. How odd that in Chicago, it would be the Queen of Heaven Regima Coeli, and in ancient China the equivalent temple would be dedicate to Guan Yin, Boddhisatva of Mercy or Queen Mother of the Western Sky or something.

“Yet what of that?” – Emily Dickinson

It is not even permissible to say that the God being walloped is nonsense so I had a pray with two nice Chinese Christians and prayer creates calmness and serenity, and that, is that.


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