Workout Log 9 Oct 2012

Still in recovery from trip back to USA, will wait to workout until 12 Oct when I don’t have to go into Central. Home from hospital spent 16 hours sleeping much refreshed but now need to go back in for a bone scan today, a tutorial tomorrow, and a Urology followup on Thursday. Now need deep rest.

I keep recalculating the number of kids I have.

My son believed in an “austere” lifestyle as I did in Evanston in 1962, I, for Catholic reasons, my son in 1988, for reasons that I think had to do with 19th century French poetry. He’d like Poussin’s fable of Diogenes who, when he sees a beggar drinking with his hands, gets rid of his cup.

I’d tell my son to dress more warmly, layer up, and wear a hat such as a beret for practical reasons as well as a chick magnet. For he’d get sick, and look like Wee Wullie, the Collier’s Dying Child in a panto. Which in my experience is only a short-term chick magnet.


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