Bone Scan Redux


Today’s bone scan did not go well. A bone scan is not painful in itself but I feel an extreme pain centered at the top of the gluteus when I have to hold still on a flat hard surface.

Last June able to endure the Bone Scan because of higher morale, but with the death of my son I found the pain unendurable. They may have to redo the bone scan with morphine.

Now sitting Blessed and free of pain in the DeliFance, sharing a table with several generations of a Chinese family next to a Pretty Lady in shorts and bling-bling and, unfortunately, perhaps, her Handsome Boy.

Need motion at all times. Decided to restart a 20 min workout tomorrow and not Friday since up to now these haven’t caused any problems if in the dance I am aware of what the hell is going on in my body.

Even zonked, this afternoon, on Tramadol, I walked with a dancing motion to the window to look at green and growing things, to the Well-Tempered Clavier. Not sure of the purpose of parking me in front of the telly even if it weren’t in Chinese, with Chang Er playing her flute, and Guan Yin undergoing a transformation.

When I first came to China, I had a dream. I was supposed to kill a cat but the cat said I not die and was transformed into a beautiful woman.


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