Publish and Be Damned

Such was the response of the Duke of Wellington to an attempt to blackmail him by reproducing letters. Like wise, if anyone threatens to expose my private emails wherein I have a meltdown to “prove” that I ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, I ask for a link to the site so I may link to it.

The game is to pick at a person in exchanges E(1)..E(N-1) such that our boy loses it in the old style, and to use E(n) as exemplary of his overall character.

There is anger, and there is anger management, and I have/need both. In pain and stress I got to the health food shop today and it had a sign saying back in 20 minutes. Boom, I lost it..

Which is not to say that we’re ever in the right when we say or do cruel things. We’re not. Blanche Duboise said so. It’s just hard to make amends although bringing them in quotations as something might be a good way.


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