Workout Log 15 Oct 2012

20 minute free dance with weights to Journey to the Line, L’Enfant, Christ Lag and Kunst der Fuge. Now in a bit of pain but based on yesterday’s experience I need to shower up and haul ass to the cafe.

I was not being a sentimental TV brained old fool when I traveled halfway around the world in pain to be at my son’s funeral in hopes of also seeing my grandchildren and reconciling with my other son but the hatred with which my other son’s partner looked at me haunts me still.

The real TV brains pick at a father’s dignity and do not allow him a meaningful disciplinary role making him a joke by the time the kids are 14 because they’ve seen too many horror movies. And then they roam Wicker Park in search of marks to bully in clubs such as men dancing by themselves in a feral world.

If he moves to Silicon Valley in 1981 because that’s where the money is in hopes his ex will follow, homeboy is obviously out for a lark at his family’s expense even if he just refuses to suffer and is trying to maintain his earning power and sanity.

No! Merci! – Edmund de Rostand Cyrano de Bergerac. Even in Catholic school the priests had to admit that we follow the Law out of an act of Will and that under the sign of human freedom, there can be no separate law that says obey the law. Instead there is the awful and unspeakable law, do what is right even if it violates the law in order to keep the law.


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