On the ethics of being a patient

I consider all arguments that a person “deserves” to suffer, as a result of a life history another person doesn’t approve of, or as a result of supposedly “evil” actions or supposed “bad choices,” to be morally and philosophically bankrupt, and completely contrary to the spirit of Christianity and several other major world religions.

LAM October 2012

It’s very wrong to say anything like “just because you have [insert some dread disease] doesn’t give you any special rights’, because of course the whole idea of civilization is that it does. Civilization is where little girls don’t have to ask their mothers, “Mom, why is that man screaming”. Adorno said that post holocaust, all of morality could be derived from “there should be no concentration camps” which although as reductionistic as Ayn Rand’s monstrously flaccid “a is a, so there” has the virtue of being TRUE and non-tautological. Mitt Romney, take note, you filthy swine.

Having said this it’s my responsibility not to take advantage my new found status as Romantic Victim, for it is nothing in excess of that of some ugly guy. Basically, as a patient it is my job to be a medical subject (source of data for the doctors) and as such my privilege is ONLY to avoid scaring children or keeping people awake with my screaming.


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