Workout Log

Null workout consisting only of a 20 minute meditation first thing. Will go down to the sea to do this tomorrow morning.

The intensity of the fever is the reciprocal of the intensity of the pain. The doctors won’t listen to me since I’m not supposed to know the concept of the reciprocal but we need to look at this. I resent their patronizing attitude for the same reason I didn’t like being ignored by my Dad or now my son for so many years.

We need to track x/y where x is 1..10 pain and y is 1..ten fever (minimum value is 1 to avoid division by zero). But I am not listened to for the same reason that since the onset I haven’t received a single supportive email from my surviving son.


One Response to “Workout Log”

  1. Thinking of you. The family issues are awful, on top of your health issues. My heart really goes out to you.

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