Now God be thanked, Obama re-elected and I ain’t dead

No internet access for the past week or so since was in a crowded surgical ward (urology). Chickened out of free deballing (orchidectomy as if flowers were to be removed and not my balls) and went for small extra cost injection at 3K Hong Kong every three months, had starter which according to doctors was immediately, an improvement.

However, intense pain which was FINALLY analyzed after the inset of this core pain’s onset in April. Its a blood clot which I actually found while exploring CT scan with scan dude (I mean really I shall do whatever’s necessary to help these chaps save my sorry ass). So the original monster, the original problem, shall be treated in more than a palliative sense at last this being the source of the pain.

Driftng down orchids of thankfulness which is not some sort of gift but rather a calm feeling, lets you go about your important tasks.

Working out altho cannot dance without severe post-Terpsichorean pain, so I move and dance while still in bed, conducting a symphony whilst fast in bed.

On 9 of Nov after two days of unconsciousness and terror, asked the ambulance driver while being transferred back to Queen Mary, who is the President in America? And when he said Obama I was ready to to do the Eagle Rock.


2 Responses to “Now God be thanked, Obama re-elected and I ain’t dead”

  1. orchidectomy – whoever coined that one, must have had a great laugh (although kumquatectomy would seem more appropriate and just as stupid).

    • spinoza1111 Says:

      Haw! Yeah.

      I asked ’em if you’d get your balls in a box after the operation. After all, the Eunuchs of the Forbidden city under the Q’ing and M’ing dynasties were given their balls back in a red box on their death and when Aisin Guro Pu Yi expelled the Eunuchs in the 1920s so that they could be buried as men.

      They didn’t know, so I was like…enough’s enough. I don’t want a bag of “medical waste” with something that looks like last Sunday’s dim sum.

      And…complications and stress post surgery for the orchidectomy would have interacted readily with complications ad stress from the bone marrow surgery with means I’m further up shite’s creek.

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