Workout log 16 Nov 2012


Stair climbing, walking and resting for 20 minutes first thing bigod.

In worse ostensible shape than when I got here in spite of first injection intended to alleviate the prostate cancer, but the truth (die Warheit and not die Wann) is that there is, as the Thai neurologist pointed out last August, more going on down there.

Specifically possible bone marrow involvement (as distinct from bone) and a clot which I visually detected the other day, beating out Ultrasound Guy,screaming through greylands, flaming.

It was cheech and chong or Rush Hour Two:

(Me) Chit, mon, there it is
(UG) Where it is
(Me) See? Is that a clot? Looks like a clot. Kinda red you know?
(UG) You got it man [nailed it]

But this discovery of COURSE means more Fun, specifically a scraping out of marrow followed by 48 hours of unconsciousness followed by a right leg swollen four times normal to the thigh and hip joint which makes movement to say the least amusing.

Always happens on the ground in front of the computer in my experience with John Nash. “Oops, what’s the max size precision? 32 bits [it was 1991]. Microsoft just blew it.”]

Now, I have no intention of being Baron Munchshausen as if I am self-curing, and pulling myself up to the moon by my hair but I’ll do so if I have to and I am able to. The oncology team is working hard but for the same reason I wanted to focus “like a laser beam” within my area of expertise of compilers, the oncologists have their own sub-oncological specialities and may regard the feedback from metastasis here in the form of a clot as messy indeed.

But we now have to hammer said clot. I have learned how to self-inject the med, should have learned that a long time ago you asked me. It’s real simple, with basic works: fold some fat or muscle and in she goes. ‘Course don’t forget to depress the plunger. Baby stuff. Kurt Cobain could do it in his sleep. Together with 99% of my generation. I dunno, unscrewing the top of a bottle seemed overall simpler.

And there’s no point in staying further with this…100 HKD per night is still money, and I need to hump around. Motion is the key, according to my docs and Merck and everything I see, because motion causes circulation and circulation reduces edema.

With difficulty, in this particular situation, which means that I shall have to at one and the same time accept a natural sloth in which I don’t do anything perhaps all day, but THEN arise and shine any way for my nature is not predetermined…cue Spinoza.

OK. Here I am at the base of the dark tower again, and there are those glory steps. Right, you swine, this should read well in the Morning Post.

Besides, I haven’t been out in the Light for a MONTH.


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