Workout Log 18 Nov 2012: Schatzbehalter (the great mirror)

This isn’t a nice married couple laying in bed (nb: if you cannot see the full width of the photo just click “Spinoza1111’s Blog” at screen top to see all photos in full width including this one). It’s my thrombosed left leg and its healthy mate. A day in bed with elevation is great for pain and SOME swelling has gone down (self-administered Innohep). But overall left leg is dead weight.

A nice thing is no cracks or fissures in healthy skin high above the deep vein.

Yeah, sure, I was as vain as who, Croesus or Cleopatra about my legs but I attest now that this was because I could leap as an hart for joy and I say there ain’t nothing wrong with that. And I support my poor left leg as it grinds upward. You know, it was developing symptoms years ago.

Another day prepares for grey but I am serene almost prosper for now on this day at time deal. Today’s major task was to rest and elevate the left leg but…pending some research I plan to do…this plan may not be sufficient!

Fifty minutes weight training seated and standing up as fog was driven away. Then, the Maestro undt seinem Chopstick gift us ein Grand Conzert: Beethoven 6th Symphony “Pastorale”. That last movement (explicitly choreographed by Beethoven or his publisher with his approval if memory serves…not just Disney) is meant to evoke pre-historial Arcadia such as I experienced out in Yosemite in the evening “too silent to be real”.

Could not but stand up during the most intense musical moments. There’s also a flow I need to build on in my arms undamaged and unthrombosed as they are in the Now. You do an arabesque with complete rotation as a way of comforting your poor left thigh a fat and useless thing such as Joe Namath might have, or Montana, sitting in his expensive Aspen flat.

This childlike conducting is aerobic. But I have to be careful.

Tried to “burn” the weights a bit as I was able to do last winter at the apex, the end and Schaltzbehalter (Mirror of Salvation) and crisis of how things used to be so careless so long ago. But just on the upper body and solely to God’s glory.


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