Workout Log 19 Nov 2012

We find our reporter for the Zeitung Bug Post, Herr Von Rottweiler, writing thus:

“A steadfast examination in the company of Polizei (a new innovation of our illustrious Emperor for the enforcement, malgre lui, of virtue on the citizens) found Herr von Nilges conducting “une orchestra de Bricolage” open to all including some females, Germans, dwarves and blackamoors from America.”

“With Herr Nilges “conducting”, a series of noises was elicited as it were from a squeeze box and to my considerable amaze this series was recognizably, the An Die Freude of Ode to Joy from our Beethoven’s glorious Ninth.”

“For when I interrogated the American blackamoors, actually a well-spoken if swarthy crew of servants of students at Princeton being smuggled to our more refined German universities in advance of the colonial legislature which has resolved, sur la table in the unfranked VIEW ‘of inferior Europeam tribes, that no servant of color shall be allowed to attend on his master in any class lest said servant get ideas above his station.”

“While having no ‘truck’ nor whatsoever with the extreme views of the late Maxmilien Robespierre on human equality I do believe that discrimination in light of the end of the slave trade, and the illustrious if swarthy visages it has released on our shores, and the correspondent end of hope must be considered.”

That is (das ist): this morning’s workout first thing one hour consisting of my building upper body strength and improving circulation around the thrombosis, standing and sitting, air conducting Bach’s Concerto for two harpsichords and all but the last two movements of Beethoven’s Ninth. When I could I danced to use my heel and calf a pump, per the literature I have read on my health issue.

In addition, I consider my attempt to walk into town a separate workout, it was very hard and yet joyful. At around 11 AM I made it out the door in red sandals and sox. For it is written (well, in Wikipedia) that motion does help the sufferer from deep vein thrombosis as well as bed rest and elevation. I am using the latter now I must move.

But it was so hard to move. I barely made it to a place to sit next to a traditional commemorative gravesite before encountering another “Athenian” (Lear’s term for the wise fool embodied in Edgar), a sufferer from cancer my age.

And then on in the sun towards the next rest-point now alone but energized. So slow! I who ran so fast! For God is Great. And then up a hill to the realization that while this workout profited my soul I wasn’t going to make it into town as planned for shrooms at Cath’s. So instead I got some groceries at the shop on the hill including carcinogenic Japaneses cake bread cheese, tuna and a strange Japanese electrolyte drink, Pocari Sweat.

Nauseated with exhaustion nonetheless satisfied that I have done what I can to (1) recover from the veinous problem and (2) make it to Cancer followup day.


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