Workout Log 20 Nov 2012 (air conducting & walking)

The Maestro has selected Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings to open an evening of music to honour the memory of the Maestro’s son.

The Maestro has once again solemnly agreed with his Physicians to remain himself in a seated position while conducting the music with his immortal genius and that of the composers, that would not in the slightest be checked were the Maestro to perform whilst doing hand-stands with Barbary Apes.

Following the Adagio, the Maestro will perform Mr. HANDEL’S Synfony that overtures the latter’s sacred oratorio Messiah and close this brief but rewarding evening of Music with the Chacony Sauvage of M. Rameau that concludes his, and Lully’s, Gallimaufry, Les Indes Galantes.

Our correspondent finally reports that during the performance there were only a few occasions when the immortal Maestro, overcome with emotion even from such trivial works, heaved his bulk and staggered to the Podium there to dance the music as well as conduct whilst smiling charitably at the attentions of our new Handlers, Messrs. SAMSON and AJAX.

Translation: I work out first thing using air-conducting of music and other media for creative aerobics as I slowly recover from my hospital stay. Progress is being made on all fronts. I now propose to make sure I can get to the ferry by walking to dim sum. I may miss the sum.

Levitating the wounded area so is below the Kidney isles. This means bolstering the leg all night long, and keeping the window open for a fresh, cooling breeze, perhaps the sound of rain.

Was able to put on my left shoe so that is NAILED. The main idea is not to return from hospital only to decline further and not benefit from a home stay. My sister’s kind visit this month was probably the key!


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