Workout Log

Resting heavily swollen left leg; and our Incomprehensible Maestro has been asked to wait a few more days before again I try the musical workout. With the “edema” caused by the clot, mere standing is high accomplice.

There is a new meat restaurant next to old grocery store that features coiled Cunberland sausage and other treats for a FEAST the other day, which just happened to be Thanksgiving: also had chicken dishes later as prepared by my helper and then my agent. Slowly (slowly) rebuilding strength so as to avoid the “frequent flyer” syndrome at the hospital.

Hey. If in a properly tailored suit such as my custom-tailored grey number from Bobby’s and my continued Gaunt looks I can lend your company the *mana* of the *Spaten*: the Late: Steve Jobs, I’m easy. You provide the new paradigm I shall give you the attention of the markets.

Sleaza? Me? Would the Incomprehensible Maestro approve? Don’t know. What I know is this: there are benches for resting by the side of the path no matter how far you go, o Voyager, o Viator.


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