Workout Log? Hah! Fall Log!!

Die Welt ist Alles, was der Fall ist. [The World is everything that is the case] – Wittgenstein

I will weep for thee;
For this revolt of thine, methinks, is like
Another fall of man.
– Shakespeare,Henry V

Yesterday had to call 999 (HK 911) after a big fall. Today, was examining the wares of this little girl on the high street near Lamma Grill: she’d write your name in Russian with sparkle when my cane got entangled and, with that awful feeling of inevitability, I made ready again for der fall. You cannot prevent it such is the edema so you select the drop zone (some dirt) and execute a mild paratrooper’s roll.

Plucky little girl merely said “oops” and some good folk helped me up but clearly one needs practice. But older townsfolk appalled.

Based on today’s experience, the workouts shall start at 5 minutes and shall simply and at first be efforts to walk without falling. They may be alternated with dance-praxis as long as the Incomprehensible Maestro can manage it.

A Rebbe, ’round Passover
While dancing the Klezmer did fall tip arseover!
Get right back up cried he unto he
‘Tis dancing that the faithful they dae come tae see!
If they wants to see the Fall of Man
They this anywhere can see so they can!
– Edward G. Nilges


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