Workout 28 November 2012

Thirty minutes midday started with weight training to The Thin Red Line. Then Frei-Tanz (mit der Fischer undt Bauern!) to Michael Praetorius, a dance that had to be thought about to avoid excessive stress.

Undt then, our dearly beloved Incomprehensible Maestro unexpected arose from his afternoon repose and despite the infinitely delicate efforts of Messrs. Samson, and Ajax, “fleshed villains and bloody dogs” tho’ they may have been, to restrain him, the Maestro air-conducted Bach’s famous Kantata, Wauchet Auf, Sleepers Wake!

Out of his deep knowledge of the work the Maestro expounded on what he calls he “great wheel” of this work, like a great Baroque invention rolling down a hill.

Now preparing for a walk to smoke test these sandals.


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