Workout Log 29 Nov 2012

20 minutes, first thing, before breakfast. 200 arm weight moves to The Thin Red Line (Journey to the Line). Then air-conducted (standing up and seated) Palestrina’s Kyrie from the Pope Marcellus Mass, and Gluck’s overture to Orfeo.

For I noticed that Messrs. Samson and Ajax, rot their boots, were not so much restraining the Incomprehensible Maestro when he arose to reveal the miracle of the Missa Papae Marcellae as helping that stubborn bastard up.

And oh what mystery our Maestro revealed. For Palestrina was confronted in his less raucous way than Josquin was confronted 200 years prior with the compositional problem of the ritorno, the return, to the Kyrie after the Christe. Josquin handles it magnificently with a reassertion of the driving “parody” tune that masses of his time were based upon, so the canaille would come to church and recognize their favorite tunes such as L’Homme Arme in the case of Josquin’s most famous Mass.

By the Renaissance of Palestrina, and the first chill in the air presaging a grim Protestant reformation that would destroy manifestations of music and art, parody masses and any repetition of popular tunes in church music was like to attract negative attention nonetheless Palestrina manages to honor Josquin in the way the Kyrie returns in his Pope Marcellus mass, and this our Incomprehensible Maestro revealed with a furious motion of his waking stick. He wanted one “just like Lully” but he’s not about to get one since Lully died miserably after piercing his foot with his stick.


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