Workout Log 2 Dec 2012 (with the continued saga of the Maestro)

Worked out first thing (20 minutes weights and 20 minutes conductus, actually waving one’s arms aerobically in tempo to classical music), then had a peanut/fish congee which was to me delicious altho unfashionably frozen and microwaved by “Amoy”, with feathery micro chunks of fish and a peanut at the bottom for flavor. This would be easy to make. This was followed by marmalade on toast. The point seems to be that entrees should be HOT.

Fantasius Conductus: the Incomprehensible Maestro arrived to direct his morning benefit concert, in aid of our victims of the Scourge, in some fettle. He proceeded to direct the fourth movement seulement of Beethoven’s sublime Third Symphony for our audience for these morning benefits must needs “get to work”, an ess muss sein in which hangs a tale.

He conducted most of the movement with that perfection and insight of which only his great and greatly suffering soul is capable: but towards the Finito of the work, our Incomprehensble and indeed, Infuriating Maestro abandoned the podium with a smile, whilst the orchestra members, each of whom, he has said, become his Bruderlein through long months of brutally exacting toil, continued to perform perfectly and exaltedly while the Maestro fussed briefly with the temperature of his congee, and I cast mine eye to an unseeing Heaven.


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