9 Dec 2012

Dressed, showered, shaved and, perhaps most important, I have temp shoes in the form of sandals and heavy socks (need to find waterproof versions of same).

Apologies go out to anyone who’s been confused by my states in which I confuse things owing to the use of opioide pain medication.

Posted a nice printed “checklist” of what I must take when evacuated to Queen Mary on the door, feel good about this.

Remembering that Descartes’ philosophical voyage started with the presumption of a meaningless world ruled by an evil genius and began to be resolved when Descartes said, Cogito, ergo sum.

Walking towards evening to center of town there’s a point where I take a rest and it’s very peaceful. Thought here that over the last couple of days there’s been a conflict between the ordinary good, and the bad, for whether in dream or in reality, people’s small attempts to help out as I hobble around Lamma, are the only reality alongside paranoia.


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