Note concerning downtime

This blog’s been down so long anything looks like up. Basically I’ve been warehoused at a traditional Chinese hospital (Tung Wah) while waiting word on a convalescent hospital (Grantham) so I don’t have to slam back and forth from Lamma to care at Queen Mary by means of the jolly lads in their mini-ambulance and the ferry. No WiFi is provided.

Then there’s also the helicopter which is sometimes selected by the clinic when I am more seriously ill and would be a real James Bond thrill but for the fact that on both occasions on the helicopter I was merely embarrassed that such a whoop up was being whooped up, what with the copter’s dramatic banking over the harbor, and my being evacuated from the Queen Mary rooftop like a person of consequence. I actually prefer being deposited by the ambulance lads at the ferry, buying dim sum and har gau when I don’t feel nauseated, and sailing to Central and a separate ambulance to Queen Mary.

But a dear friend has paid my past-due Internet bill which means I have full dongle access independent of wifi anywhere in Hong Kong including the ferry and presumably the blasted helicopter. So I can restart my chronicle of a death foretold, or I should hope bloody well forestalled, including, as I hope you’ll see, the continuing adventures of that Great Soul, the Incomprehensible Maestro who shall conduct the Mystery Orchestra for your pleasure and edification.

The I.M. just padded into the room, in fact, and went in pain to the piano where he now plays the Moonlight Sonata, informing that work with his own fresh relationship to pain in such a way as to make it new. He shall then, I am certain, eat all of the Lindt Sea-Salt Dark Chocolate I set out for just as his genius “hath no bottom” the guy’s also got a hollow leg when it comes to sweets, and then I am equally certain he shall pass out on the divan, to be carried abed by those “fleshed villains and bloody dogs” Samson and Ajax who have between themselves solemnized marriage in defiance of the conventions, but with a sweetness that has tamed their nature and caused them to make amends for their past misdeeds, as pirates, privateers, slave traders and mercenaries in the service of the King of Prussia.


One Response to “Note concerning downtime”

  1. When you are powerless, you are strong. Sending you big hugs…

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