5 Jan Morning: Grantham Hospital

Morning, Grantham Hospital. Grantham not the fictional heroine of that new series Downton Abbey but instead Sir Alexander Grantham, governor damn yer eyes of Hong Kong.

A magnificent mountain and a forest and people arriving at work. I am on the very first floor near the Circle K (or whatever it is) convenience store. Probably a bit out of the way for my busy working Friends alas.

But some sort of conspiracy was afoot to get me here since the powers that be at Queen Mary Oncology may be irritated at the way I continually rotate in and out with complications, at times treated on public monies to a dramatic helicopter ride from Lamma Island. The official reason on Thu was “we need to adjust his Warfarin” but now it appears that was not the goal.

It’s all very mysterious and fascinating, a combination of LeCarre and a medical drama…perhaps. After all the Oncology boys haven’t figured out why there’s no bone involvement when this is characteristic.

Pleasant cool morning and just as I’d hoped, Grantham is designed with access to the outside nature in mind. Patients and guests can walk outside the hospital. It’s very definitely a rehabilitation and palliative facility and not some warehouse for the dying.

My legs so weak but the staff is almost too ready to help. I have been transformed into my father as my punishment for spending his money. My legs are thin and tanned but with very little power in them. It is easier to dance as I walk in some sort of African or Reggae beat but that freaks out the staff.

They allowed me to walk to the common room but supplied a wheelchair to get to the Circle K. But I found it necessary to use the wheelchair as it happened because of the weakness.

I wonder if this was caused by my being in Hospital all through December but it’s hard to say. I can atrophy in my flat, too.

Today’s workout later on will have to be exclusively Kafkaesque and flat on my back since these walks induce butt pain.

Six months of butt pain but no apparent metastases…wtf goes on. A strong immune system? Ah, but now, the exercise regime that supported my immune system now consists of five minute sessions only.


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