The Story of Dancer Love

The Story of Dancer Love

Reverend sirs,
For you there’s rosemary and rue; these keep
Seeming and savour all the winter long:
Grace and remembrance be to you both,
And welcome to our shearing!

Shakespeare, A Winter’s Tale


God has a mother and her name is Dancer Love
She comes to patient pain in the dark naught of rain
And deals out surcease to the good,
The bad and the ugly in our neighborhood.

Quite without number are the bones of her feet
She teaches us not only the dance
But also how to recover from defeat
And the mystery of the Chinaman’s chance
She exchanges hands and twirls and smiles
Which shows she uses no dark wiles

No, from heaven high doth Dancer Love doth come
To the man who fights for eels in rum
And puts him to sleep for a weary while
And he awakens with a smile,
Calls his children to his side
And allows them on his back to ride.


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