Workout 8 Jan 2012

20 minutes weights and rowing machine in the Grantham physio center. I think I get this most mornings. It is supervised by a therapist who directed me when I felt hip pain to lie down, and gave me a hot compress whereupon I fell fast asleep for the rest of the session.

The rowing machine was handmade but sturdy. They have Stairmasters which I used at Kamalaya. Stairmasters provide a good workout with aerobic effort but no pounding. However, the therapist thought I was not ready for the Stairmaster.

This process is slow. Later that morning I walked to the convenience store which is but steps from my ground floor room…and was sick with pain and stress when I returned. Not getting enough sleep last night probably contributed.

The doctors believe that the continued pain at the same time the cancer is stabilized with a low normal PSA count is a puzzle that needs to be resolved so they want an MRI. This precisely the same recommendation of the Thai neurologist who gave me a thorough exam in Koh Samhui when I sought pain meds last August. Something (probably a bag o’ cancer cells which used to be a normal lymph node) is pressing against a nerve or a blood vessel, where the nervous and circulatory system have a branching tree structure causing direct and referred pain. I concur, only wish to GET the damn MRI scan…hopefully this week.

Obviously patience is a virtue.


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