9 Jan 2013 Workout Log

20 minutes arm motion using balanced weights and use of the primitive homemade rowing machine in the workout centre. Tired afterward and used oxygen for mild nausea.

Had gone as I went yesterday on foot to the Circle K convenience store but as was the case ((der Fall)) yesterday could barely make it. Must improve ability to walkabout by way of daily physio as is offered and sleeping through the night.

Asked by Dr Wong today to write a patient’s perspective article for the peer-reviewed British Medical Journal and happily beavering away in my cozy hospital bed…too cozy. The Mountain in my window, a genuine New Territories Shan, rebukes me, saying, Old One, you can climb me.

Listed by blogger TLN this past week as a WordPress Blogger Who Defies Description in a surprisingly kind review in which I am renarrated as a highly educated Jack Kerouac who’s never heard of rough drafts. In reality, of course, I have, but find the concept meaningless on the computer: in a world of typewritten final drafts it makes sense to write a draft on yellow lined “legal” paper with a set of sharp pencils, and far less to send the resulting mess to a publisher in Beatnik or Gonzo style but none at all to type two or more versions. Of course, you change the rough draft, perhaps keeping a copy for some silly reason, and then it becomes the final draft.

As a quondam writing teacher I don’t think the limits of the former technology should determine the use of the new technology.

I prefer the immediacy of first==final although this approach does not mean one may forget about correcting errors and bad style. Like the John Nash of the Ron Howard film A Beautiful Mind, Nash wanted people to know what he was doing as he did it so he writes on glass.

Low self-esteem: depression: alcoholism are fostered in writers by the absurd economics of the book trade, economics exacerbated by the Web and readers like Kindle. The wannabes are not satisfied, as I am satisfied for the most part at my age and in my decrepit state, with the fact that posting on the Web is publication, the holy Grail of previous generations of writers. The bar is forever raised and moved.

But “I am not made for sportive tricks”. The idea of publishing a book about some topic, about a topic I was interested-in galvanized me (into writing Build Your Own .Net Language and Compiler, for example) but the idea of pure writing leaves me cold. I like writers like William Langewiesche and Siddharta Mukherjee who have something to say about aviation or cancer; I believe that subject matter can organize writing for somewhat the same reason a sailboat owner without drawing skills can draw a sailboat.


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