Workout 10 Jan 2013

20 minutes leg work on that home-made rowing machine in Grantham Hospital’s physio centre.

Again couldn’t make it to the convenience store without help. Changing this goal to “making it to the garden out back without help” since in the Circle K the toxicity of the marketing wearies me.

Finished my British Medical Journal “Patient’s Perspective” and sent same to Dr Wong. I focus on the reason for getting care here and dealing with the food. I make myself enjoy Mystery Meat by saucing it with gravy and mixing it with rice. Nobody in Asia will screw up white rice, although in relation to brown rice, white rice is a snob’s food: my understanding being that the white rice is “polished” and consequently the rice processor must add nutrients, already present in brown rice, to the white rice which worldwide is preferred. At least I think that’s the deal: I read the story when a child and my health conscious friends affirm it.

Brown is an unpopular color. While doing some financial research and editing the other evening from my hospital bed, on behalf of a client who pays me promptly and thus pays my “collegial” rate for trustworthy middle class individuals (100 HKD/hour), I discovered Muddy Waters Research; its Web page color was predominantly brown and this was a surprise since brown is rarely used in business or retail; brown suits have long been for losers.

Muddy Waters Research is a China based company, run by Westerners, that finds financial lies in prospectuses, IPO offerings, auditors’ claims and annual reports which are rife in mainland China. The “Great Leap Forward”, “Thousand Flowers” campaign, and the Cultural Revolution may have permanently undercut a notion of truth outside the game…whether that game is raw survival as it was during Thousand Flowers or the Cultural Revolution, or getting “rich” when all your friends in the “mouse tribe” are poor. But then to stay “rich” you find that like the company being highlighted by MWR this month you are almost forced to lie.


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