Workout Log 18 Jan 2012

15 minutes physio (rowing machine) and 5 minutes walking (made that difficult walk to the Circle K). Difficult effort on rowing machine owing to weak thighs with absent musculature. Then spent to much time with pseudo-work activities and watching BBC documentaries on my Mac Air with the result that today (19 Jan) I’m stressed and tired…cannot check out on 25.

Still haven’t disambiguated the cancer from the thrombosis. If I’m stabilized courtesy of the “virtual castration” injection of November (Leuprorelin Acetate) which has driven my PSA down to levels below that of men without cancer, then why am I still bedrid and why do I feel like shit?

Well my quality of life is here and to-hand I need only to knock a rock and its there. My body rebalances to find a new center accommodating the fact that I can no longer screw around.


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