Workout 19-20 Jan 2013

No workouts, weary yet sleepless need to get back on track with physio on Monday. Sitting in my cozy hospital bed dealing with occasional bouts of pain with extra morphine…

So I took this silly test to while away the time, “Which Shakespeare character are you?”, and, guess what,.

O wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful
wonderful! and yet again wonderful, and after that,
out of all hooping!

…according to PBS, anyway,

I am Rosalinde!

You know, the heroine of As You Like It, who goes into the forest of Arden to find Orlando…

I could do worse…a lot worse, for Rosalinde is one of Shakespeare’s most lovable characters, and as to this being a gender bender, well the whole play is a gender bender.

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 8.57.35 PM


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