Workout Log 21 Jan 2013

25 minutes on a strange, rickety home made contraption, basically a rowing machine. Tired afterward. Progress?

Hi-Jinx of The Incomprehensible Maestro Continued

The Incomprehensible Maestro, true as always to the inner promptings of his tortured soul, arrived to conduct ContraPunctus 14 in short 1980s vintage jogging shorts, and conducted this work from a rickety rowing machine constructed by his body-guards, Samson and Ajax. One learns to let go. So our Bunker here at an undisclosed location, actually an old submarine pen as seen in the film Das Boot wherein the British come in low and slow to dash as tragically expected any illusion of a final victory, resounded to the music of Civilization, accentuated by the mechanical rocking and whirring of the rowing machine. I think that The Maestro could do with more out of doors our bunker being at ground level like a military hospital in which the freshness of the air contributes to recovery. And less with that dog-eared copy of Aesthetic Theory by the great Adorno.

But as it happens his children, Max undt Moritz are visiting and his obvious fondness for them radiates outward.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 6.41.50 PM

Max undt Moritz, German Illustration of Der Katzenjammer Kindern, 19th cent.

AA_Untitled 2

Edward G. Nilges 1956

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 7.17.02 PM

Edward G. Nilges 2011


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