22 Jan 2013

No workout: taken up to occupational therapy with its beautiful view of the mountain (Shan) I became nauseated and exhausted and remain so as of this writing. I think this cancer is going to be like climbing a mountain with good things (such as “wild and noble Prospects” as James Boswell put it to Samuel Johnson concerning Scotland) and bad things such as narrow and treacherous paths.

Received Social Security confirmation letter which is a major load off my mind. For altho I do see old market women, who can barely walk, hawk wares to survive, I do not know whether I could stagger to a teaching job.

My father’s legacy just enough to bridge the gap between no income as a result of job loss, and the raging waters of my illness and now I get to the other shore (Social Security) in which I was “forced to save” and have an account on which I can now draw.

A little dignity, in other words.


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