Michelle’s Eye Roll? More like hatred. More like contempt. And…you go Girl!!

The press won’t say it but Michelle Obama, seated next to House Speaker Boehner in this YouTube video, shows nothing less than repulsion at a man who has tried to destroy her man. She’s put a maximum amount of distance between herself and Boner Man and is studiously trying not to punch him out. It’s more than just an eye roll. Meanwhile the President true to his instincts is trying to reach across the partisan divide his wife has created and make happy talk with Boehner.

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 3.15.34 PM

Why can’t the press admit that Boehner has inappropriately touched the First Lady causing her not to roll her eyes but to cast her eyes in a Basilisk gaze of contempt at the Speaker, and continue to eat, rather pointedly as in “John Boehner, you are trying to destroy my husband and the nation. Don’t touch me.”

But Michelle, along with a very different crowd (the white pseudo-progressives who hate Obama because of the drone war) has to realize that the President is, like Jake and Elwood Blues, on a mission from God.

Kennedy’s first term, aborted by a crazed loner of the sort created by capitalism, has jinxed the chance for a Roman Catholic to be elected. If Obama had been shot, successfully impeached or had lost the 2012 election his world-historical precedents (that we are indeed a nation and not a confederation: that the Constitution was designed in the final analysis to protect people especially minorities and the least well off and not just private property) would have been masticated and shat out by the press along with a snowball’s chance for another African American to be elected. Now all Obama has to do is assist, smiling and maybe even popping some moves, in the self-destruction of the Republican party. As they turn up the morphine he needs to help them, so they no longer have a chance to humiliate a man like Clint Eastwood.

White male “losers” helped Obama win the key states because we simply no longer believe in the myth. I abandoned my progressive views in 1973 in favor of the silly idea that I’d get rich in programming computers only to discover that my excess cultural interests and excess physical conditioning made it hard for me to “fit in”. In the Valley I stopped networking because I felt superior, justly for the most part, to the middle class superficiality of Jobs; but Walter Isaacson’s bio of Jobs made it clear: this is what people “wanted”. Figures who like Turing or Dijsktra, men with bones whom I admired, were ignored by the media (except in recent years in the case of Alan Turing and in Britain only, where Turing’s British pre-eminence is a matter of national pride).

Revenge of the nerds: white male subaltern males need to start drawing boundaries as I learned to in the 1980s and vote for Obama, not for Elder Brother.


One Response to “Michelle’s Eye Roll? More like hatred. More like contempt. And…you go Girl!!”

  1. spinoza1111 Says:

    …of course we no longer can vote for Obama unless he runs again for Senator…or we repeal the 22nd Amendment as we should. Very simply, the American people will work hard all their lives but do not like to be told at the end of the day that they were not the “real” contributors…when they showed up and followed the rules only to be undercut by “real” contributors, such as Steve Jobs or Ballmer mocking their careful work for being insufficiently “disruptive”.

    “Creative destruction” MEANS the destruction, creative or not, of peoples’ lives. President Obama recognizes this and as such and in my opinion our last hope.

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