Workout Log 26 Jan 2013: der Heilige See

Workout: good: walked twice to the toilet and did a “conductus” (waving my arms and upper body lying down to Beethoven’s Triple Concerto etc. with a chopstick baton) for 30 minutes – too soon to tell but is function returning? And to what reason? I want to return to full function to help others. If muscle tone and vigor returns this means I have to assist others no matter how tired I am.

[The accomplishment of the toilet mission was also significant owing to effects of the medications I am on. My superannuated neighbor as old as one of the Immortals, threw me the thumbs up when I got back.]

Less edema but pain direct and referred still can be intense at times. A lot of the old men in this ward have terminal cancers and in the morning our groans are those of waterbirds calling across the lake (der Heilige See) for our mates. But if I can come up with such a metaphor perhaps I ain’t sick at all. Or maybe I am sicker that I thought. Who knows? Wir Sagt?

Little kid darting and farting around the wards made me laugh out loud. Like the children’s games found in Beethoven’s C sharp minor quartet.

“Which shall fructify in the lives of others.” – TS Eliot, the Dry Salvages

The Incomprehensible Maestro returned all happy from the loo to conduct Beethoven from his sickbed. Surely he is wise through suffering, whether mental or physical as we’d heard from his groans a bit earlier:

“Von dorther kam das Stöhnen. –
So jammervoll klagt kein Wild,”

No beast so cries so piteously. He was the Incomprehensible in pursuit of the Unspeakable, that is the Unspeakable Comfort of regularized bowel habits.


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