Workout Log 27 January 2013: Nurse Chase!

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 11.16.46 AM

I saunter past the nurse’s station with my walking stick like Michigan J. Frog and they give chase with a wheelchair: but seriously, after making it only as far as the door of Grantham I was dizzy and out of breath. I allowed the nurse to cart me to the ATM to check my balance and to the Circle K which quite remarkably, never has anything I actually need such as dental floss.

After recovering I did about 30 minutes of in-bed, upper body aerobics including lifting myself up on that triangle thingie which seems intended for that purpose, and “conductus” (air-conducting a symphony orchestra). These exercises, while not having much aerobic benefit, don’t seem to exhaust me and this implies that I retain some upper body strength.

Sitting upright in a chair meant to restore posture and looking out the window: beautiful spring day so early in the season.


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