Workout 28 January 2013: Komm Hoffnung

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 4.20.17 PM

Sat up this morning at desk to work which caused some tiredness but improves overall fitness. Did 20 minutes on the rowing machine in physio.

Got bathed. I use passive voice perforce since the nurses insist on bathing me; in my condition a stand-up shower is dangerous. So, in the innocent Asian way, they chatter and exclaim in Cantonese as I cover per their request my sloppy parts and it’s all very innocent. My libido is imprisoned at the bottom of the sea even as a hero/ine was so immured, in a strange B & W film I saw on first arriving in China, with her children crying ah ma on the strand, and her guard a Ninja Turtle as far as I could see.

Springlike weather continues.

The Incomprehensible Maestro has taught his pet frog a few tricks, he claims, including singing the aria “Komm, Hoffnung” (Come, Hope) from Beethoven’s Fidelio: but we have yet to hear this blasted amphibian deliver on this claim. Max undt Moritz, the Maestro’s children from a failed marriage, claim to have heard the frog sing but they are like their father often economical with the truth in service of a higher truth.


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