30 Jan 2013: joy and pain in equal measure

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 6.50.29 PM

Would the person who made this great photo please get in touch with me? I tried the name embossed on the photograph and the person owning that shop said it wasn’t his work. I’d like to credit and if possible pay for this photo usage.

No workout, instead helping my sister scout out my Lamma flat which has been cleaned and looks more than adequate for her stay. I won’t be needing it because the result of today’s “experiment” (accompany my sister to Lamma) shows that I need to stay at Grantham Hospital for at least two weeks, doing physio and and resting. There’s just too much muscle atrophy and weakness.

Severe pain commenced at the fabulous Lamma Grill where I had a delicious but politically incorrect hamburger and fries with a Coke. It continues tonight but I had all the same a great day: perfect weather, and running into Lamma mates. Pain caused by extra strain and motion, and by rich food?

Centered as always on left lower back.


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