Workout 2-5 Feb 2013: Grebit

5 Feb 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 11.16.46 AM

20 minute rowing machine. Got a good night’s sleep but not fully recovered from yesterday’s excitements. When I arose I discovered that I’d urinated properly into the receptacle provided but fallen back asleep and this up-ended the pisspot onto the bed, which created quite a mess, which the nurses cleaned expertly. Basically the stress of day leave convinces me that I shall have to stay at this hospice, pay rent on the Lamma unit with all my books and paintings. To recover in part the high rent (6K) I shall have to sublease the joint to visitors who like to read and go to the beach.

Wouldn’t want them to have a booze-up or rave in such a small space. And the rent would be payable in advance.

4 Feb

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 4.36.12 PM

20 minute rowing machine followed by day-leave visit to HSBC which featured der vomitus out of the cab from all the excitement.

2 & 3 Feb


The Incomprehensible Maestro

The IM’s children (by way of Mother Courage) were der Katzenjammer Kindern, Max undt Moritz, and their losses of control over bodily fluids were always a great source of amusement to the Maestro who despite his lofty nature also preserved a healthy connection of the earth and that dust of which we are compounded and to which we must return.

When they were quite small and entrusted to his charge, their vomitus was worth to him all the jokes in Goethe’s Faust. He’d clean up after them whilst exclaiming over the color of their chunks, to him predictive of the content of their character.

But this joking around, although fondly meant out of the Maestro’s deep love of his sons, was misinterpreted in childish hermeneutics as mockery and this tragically instilled in Max undt Moritz a childish vindictiveness and when they found deine Vater fallen asleep holding a pisspot into which he’d relieved himself, but failed to empty because he’d fallen back to sleep, they up-ended the pisspot into the Maestro’s bed and he perforce woke up in a rapidly cooling, odiferous, and Jurassic wetness like a monster of the deep…


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