Workout 6 Feb 2013

Screen Shot 2012-08-22 at 7.31.11 AM

25 minutes on the rickety rowing machine in physio. Need to figure out how to get outa this place in the sense that the door’s open but how do I live on Lamma?

Annoying old selfish guy next to me makes his daughter cry and has endless coughing fits. I try to pray for him (to Deus sive Natura) but Cantonese speaking visitors tell me that he is indeed a selfish old prick. He keeps waking me up at 3:00 AM when the few times I’ve had an uninterrupted night’s sleep have convinced me that these are key to recovery. He does this not so much with coughing as with muttering in his evil voice. Gives me the willies.

The Incomprehensible Maestro

…has written us a string quartet innocent of tonality, harmony and rhythm but in the classic symphonic form (four movements: first movement strict sonata: second largo: third a menuetto with trio countermarch: fourth allegro with fuga). The result was that the music is almost unlistenable.

We all congratulated the Maestro but said, don’t quit your day job, fine effort, too many notes hey hey what what.

Ah the suffering we cause to the Incomprehensibke Naestro who peers into the future and suffers accordingly as the wind from heaven blows him backward.

Max undt Moritz, however, provided the improvisational coda for the first movement as well as the trio sonata for the third movement. In both places, as their fond father kept what seemed like no tempo but which on closer listening a sublime motor inviting return, the children entered on time and dressed in their best, banging on pots and pans to their proud Papa’s gaze.

He is truly, truly our dear Leader, Golden Bull and Incomprehensible Maestro! I am penning an oratorio and balleto for several massed choruses in his honor!


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