Workout 14 Feb 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 4.36.12 PM20 mn conductus (Beethoven’s Third Symphomy first movement): waving arms with a chopstick for a (very optional) baton, and moving upper body for a light aerobic workout. Then, 20 minutes physio at 1:30 in the afternoon: difficult to do.

I lay under the pelting storm and cannot raise my head
But I only know that I must do this to forestall the dead
I choose life in sorrow and knowledge of an ultimate defeat
But that’s the thing of it that I must embrace and greet.
“Unto the deid goest all estatis” [1]
“Princes, potates and poestates” [2]
“Blest is us who prepare for death”
“With danserie on strand or heath”
“If I could and when I can”
“Knock I a rock with another like a man”
“Greet my surviving son with the prodigal’s embrace”
“For great is God, who ruleth time and ruleth space.”


[1] Commencing a pastiche of the earlY Scots poem, Lament for the Makarys, by William Dunbar: “makarys means “makers”, poets.

[2] In pronouncimg “potates” sound the final “es” with its schwa sound: sound both “es” syllables as they appear in “poestates” in like way. Don’t pronounce “potates” as the plural of the humble vegetable.


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