Cluster of Rainbows for the Angel Who Spreads Rumours

Unknown Helper Face-Off

Edward G. Nilges, “Angels Spreading Rumours”, pencil, pen, Gimp modifications and colourization, A4 size. Copyright (c) 2010. Moral rights asserted.


A simple prayer, I stick my hand in the air
Letting *porte de jambe” and its grace
Relive the pain which twitches my face
Relieve the pain which bleeds into space

My hand holds rainbows now

I’ve been sitting, more truthfully lying, watching free movies and “The Young Turks” because the hormone treatnent has failed and I must start chemo. Cenk Uygur is a funny guy but like the Incomprehensible Maestro I have neglected my affairs undt meinem Kindern  (seinem being Max undt Moritz, meinem being angels with one on earth, one in heaven, two but newly borne.).

Let me tell you how the sun rose! But now I have a new song for both of my grand-daughters already have, it is evident from photographs sent by my thoughtful son alone, personalities.

One is, sleeping or waking, happy with a smile as wide as the Ocean and she bears the burden of dreaming, She seems protective for t’other always will be snuggling. It is a mystery how for the most part babies are safe without us. Without us they have a fraternal twin or like Romulus a reasonably friendly wolf.

The Maestro and I yok yuk it up, how funny it is the Republicans have lost, with the Ottoman. So I need to apologize to the community of people who log in here to find me working OUT, only to find me gorked, “out” or “out” to lunch. I need to arrange something and hope to have done so after first chemo.

But physio will take some caution. My left sciatic nerve was screaming earlier today.

Ta Pocketa, then.


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